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Monday, January 4, 2010

Name the spook COntest & Exciting updates!

Good Morning everyone! Yes I am up bright and early today...well I get up around 5 am every day! Don't ask why I just do hehe! Hey I wanted to show you my new painting and the first one I have done this year! My first 2010 Painting! I listed it up for auction/sale in my but I wanted to share some photos here and tell you about a new contest I have! In this painting I have the old spooks you know and love but I have a few new ones! Ok here are the old ones,
Grimmy Reaper son of Grim,
Skelley Skeleton,
Sir Boo A lot
Salem the black cat,
Nostrocuteness the vegetarian vampire,
The new guy Wormy best friend of Grim,
Haggatha the tiny witch...

Now here are the new guys and they need names!

Big green monster guy
Medusa looking woman
tiny skeleton with one x for an eye
tiny little zombie guy by Grimmy
Ghost flying under the embossed spider web,

Did I miss anyone????

These creeps need names! So this is what you do!

Just post the names you like here at the blog! Anyone who enters a name will be entered to win a Canvas paper print of this painting and some surprises along with it! The print would be a nice 8 by 10 ready to frame! I would also sign and date it and add a creepy cute gift to go with it!

So start submitting names!

Also about the painting. It is mixed media and I mean mixed! I used Russian opaque water colors, watercolor brush pens, acrylics, embossing, ( The bats and Spider web and other goodies here and there are embossed. If you run your finger over it you can feel the rise of the ink. It looks so cool in person! ) I also love to add just a touch of sparkle or bling to my work. I painted it on a really thick Strathmore Cold press watercolor paper. Perfect for framing btw! I also added some glitter here and there and Rhinestones. It is a big 11 by 15!!
So before I show you the photos I wanted to tell you to please keep watching my blog and my Facebook pages this year. I have a really good feeling about this year and I have so many ideas in my head for new paintings, art dolls and spookies! One new thing I am doing this year is getting a make over for my home page. I also have a wonderful artist Dave Everett of Chicken lips creating a perfectly sweet banner and graphics for my pages! I will also be able to send out professional photo cards to my customers which I am totally thrilled about!
This august I have been invited by Robbie Thomas a well known psychic to attend the American Canada Paranormal Convention! I will be setting up a both with my work and meeting all kinds of people! I have never been out of the USA before so I am honestly thrilled! I will post more about the convention later with dates and ticket prices and so on.
I also have some things going on in the background of SPooky Hollow that I hope I can share with you very soon! One goal I have with my art is to be able to open up the farm to the public a few times a year! Especially in the fall when Halloween is in the air! I would like to do a show of my art and add some creepy fun while we are at it! Haunted Hayrides and corn mazes would be wonderful!! This spring I am going to work in the greenhouse and get some veggies, pumpkins, herbs exspecially lavendar going. So I have so many exciting things I am trying to make happen this year. I do want to thank the friends I have made online, the fans on my Facebook and of course buyers for your emails, support and kind words I get just about daily!

Ok novel over and here are the photos!
( Don't forget that I have 2 art dolls also up for auction in my Ebay store! Grim in the box and Grimmy & Wormy sculptures! )
Here is the link for the new painting! Click here for Creepin around the Graveyard!

Thank you for taking the time to read this long blog post and have a creepy cute day!
Carmen Ellis aka Spooky Hollow folk art <---home page is getting a facelift!

This big green monster needs a name!

Medusa like spook neeeds a name!

Little skeleton with x eye needs a name!

Little guy in blue night shirt needs a name!

The ghost flying under the web needs a name!

I even added Grim in the box to the painting lol!


Sherry Byrum said...

So awesome~ You are so unique and creative! Here are a couple of names, they are the first thought I had. Good luck in 2010!!! Your plans sound wonderful!
Big green monster guy Marvelous Monster
Medusa looking woman Mythical Medusa
tiny skeleton with one x for an eye
tiny little zombie guy by Grimmy
Ghost flying under the embossed spider web, Charmingly Ghostly

Calamity Anne said...

As soon as I saw the big green monster, the name 'Ooky' came to mind (Ooky, sounds like Spooky - haha)!

Anonymous said...

I love the new look of your blog! Following you on Twitter now as well as your fan page on Facebook.


Regina said...

Carmen...I think this is my favorite painting...most excellant!! These are just the names that "popped" into my head at first glance:

Green Monster: Oscar
Ghost: Heebie jeebie
Skelton with x eye: Dee Compose'
one eyed witch: Winkella
Lil guy in blue shirt: Punkie (look at that hair..LOL)
Medusa:Gorgie (short for gorgeous..LOL)

Can't wait to see what others saw at first glance.


Whimsyfolkartist said...

Thank so much for the cool names already and nice words! 2 names are really poppin out at me already lol! Decompose LUVS IT lol! And OOKY!!! They are all good names so this is going to be really hard! LOL EVeryone who submits names is entered!

Whimsyfolkartist said...

Ali I feel like I know you! You are so sweet thank you! Oh and I just saw more names that made me giggle lol! Sherry you just rock lool! Regina..winkella lool! Anne I still love OOKY! MORE NAMES MORE NAMES LOL

Tamara Dozier said...

Love the painting. Okay, going to throw some names in the pot.

Snake haired lady - Ssssstella
Big green monster- Booga (boo and booger)
The ghost under the web- Achoo (since the air gets cold when ghosts are around)

Can't think of one for the little guy in blue yet.

Calamity Anne said...

The Medusa looking woman is quite sexy in a spooky sort of way...she definitely reminds me of the infamous movie bombshell...Marilyn Medusa!