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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Tell your worst & best Halloween stories! mine is disgusting beware

Hey everyone! I wanted to do something different. Obviously I love Halloween! I thought it would be fun to share your best or worst Halloween experiences. I will be brave and start.


When I was in 4th grade we didn't have a lot of money so my mom pulled whatever she could find around the house to make me a costume for my school Halloween party. My dads old flannel shirt, straw from the garden, an old Halloween mask, a big floppy hat ...with this mish mush of finds she made me into a Scarecrow. I was dropped off at the Halloween party ( I was in the 4th Grade ) and I saw all these really cool expensive costumes. Then there was a contest for best and scariest costumes. I WON! To me that was the best thing ever. I got a ribbon and some Halloween candy shaped like an eyeball. To me that was the best Halloween ever. This was also a great Halloween because this boy, Willie Bear ( yes that was his name ) Came up to me and made fun of my costume. I sneezed in his face. This was not intentional but effective. He was so grossed out his mom had to come pick him up. I had a cold at the time that is all I'm going to say about that lol! BEST Halloween...willie Bear got slimmed. Later Willie Bear became my little boyfriend but he cheated on me with Jane Schmitke. He got both of us cracker jack rings but that is another story! ( Willie Bear also said his uncle was Evil Kenevil and he had a talking squirrel. ) Hmmmm.

Now the worst.

I think I was in 6th grade. We went to a friend of my parents house for a Halloween party. That year I was a witch again mostly made from things around the house excluding the hat. We sat in the dark while one of the adults told a scary story passing around bowls of disgusting things.

The eyes were peeled grapes, the brains were spaghetti noodles, the severed fingers were peeled carrots and so on. Being in 6th grade I had no idea what these really were and was terrified. After this oh so yucky but spooky fun game we bobbed for apples. When it was my turn...I bobbed..nothing...bobbed nothing...

3rd bob....I puked in the barrel of apples. I wanted to die. Come to find out the next day I had a fever. I never bobbed for apples again. Then it happened...the nickname,

Charmin Carmen because that is what they handed me after the incident...that name stuck for at least a year...Charmin Carmen don't squeeze the Charmin! Whenever I saw Mr. Whipple I would run to my room.

Ok that is my most embarrassing and life altering ( hehe) Halloween worst moment.

I want to read yours! If you aren't SCARED..Post some to the blog! Awe come on do it! I did!

( excuse my typos I cant find my glasses...again. )

Carmen Ellis

Carmen Charmin

sigh...and Grimmy

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Emily Dimov-Gottshall said...

I had both the best/worst Halloween in 7th grade. My mom would usually make us costumes...sometimes we'd get the fun cheap plastic ones that would encase your body in a fine layer of sweat...but that is another story. This 7th grade yr, I was a clown. I had a blue wig we borrowed from a friend, my mom made the rest fancy ruffled collar, full outfit with a rainbow of colors. I went to school and some kids teased me, others acted like I was a dork and so on. The school yearbook loved me, apparently and I got 3 pics in there. The sad/bad thing was I lost the collar before the pics and I felt really bad because my mom had made it and all that. At least we have some pics of me. :)

Whimsyfolkartist said...

Awe!! Do you have a happier Halloween??