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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Thrift Shopping Is GOOD for your Business!

I had to make a post about this. The other day I went to our towns GoodWill outlet store and did I hit the jackpot. I found LOADS of brand new knitting yarn, string and crochet yarn. If I would have bought all this in a regular store it would have came up to over 300 dollars! I plan on using it for hand made scarves, blankets, hang tags and other projects. If you have never been to a Good Will outlet now is the time to go and have a blast thrifting. You pay by the pound and if you have over 20lbs of items in your cart it is only 58 cents per pound. If you check out with another person you can get half off your total! I bought this yarn, some vintage boxes, a wonderful sewing dummy and other odds and ends I can use for all my crafting and painting. They have WONDERFUL vintage wood boxes each time I go. I paint them or decapauge them and sell! You can even go through clothing items for vintage buttons, beads you name it. If you are like me and you love to craft and come up with new ideas you should really go thrifing. Not only is it a wonderful stress reliever it is a smart and economical way to help your business.

On my last trip I found a BRAND new porcelin doll IN THE BOX, Vintage awesome wooden bird houses, vintage metal photos and photo albums, vintage blocks, YARN YARN AND MORE YARN, Brand new Christmas craft supplies like pom poms in the bag, ornaments, lampwork beads. I had to share my love for thrifing with everyone!

These are just a few photos but thrifting has saved me so much money!
Most towns have a GoodWill outlet not to be confused with the regular Goodwill store.
Just look it up in the phone book and give it a chance. If you go it is a very good Idea to bring gloves. You are sorting through bins and could but your fingers.
They do provide plastic bags but It might be a good Idea to bring a few boxes with you to store you loot in.
They bring out new bins every 2 hours. I like to go at 9 am when they open and there are very few people there. I stay until the 11 am bin change and take my loot and go home and play lol.
Do you know there is a shop here in Indy that sells popular clothes and purses and so on that gets almost all their items by the pound from Good will outlet stores!
Let me know what you guys think!

Below are some photos of some of my Goodwill outleft finds. You can even find brand new Canvas's!

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New England Quilter said...

You can find great deals at thrift stores. A lady bought 28 pounds of fabric and shipped it to me to make her a rag rug.