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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Just for fun monster movie

I posted this on face book but thought I should blog it. Just for fun I made a really bad animated video of my monster art dolls....after you watch the movie don't forget about the win a large Grimmy art doll contest. I am running it to June 1st. Just post a comment or share it for extra entries! Easy Peasy! Now onto the film! ( cough )

This is lost footage found in the attic of the Norman Bates....very chilling indeed!

Here is the clear version without sound

Spooky Hollow movie

Watch for these art dolls and more being listed in my Ebay and Etsy shops! Both shops are on the sidebar of this blog!

Carmen and Grimmy Ellis,


Sharon B said...

I LOVE these guys!! They are just adorable ~ of course I'm a big fan of Halloween! The "movie" is hilarious! If only I were that creative!! Love your stuff Spooky!! :)
Sharon B.

Aunt Pitty Pat's Fun said...

How funny is that.. the music is just too funny!!!
Thanks for the smiles.
Please enter me in your drawing ;)

Ali said...

That is SO cool!

Julie Draper said...

OK, I'm leaving you a comment cuz I love Grimme and Ooky! Please consider me for the win my swett friend....Oh and if you want...If ya see something that you want let me know cuz I'm moving out all my 2010 dolls. Go to my website and see whats for sale. It is still under construction on the buying page but you should be able to let me know one way or the other! HEHEHE!
Lot of spooky hugs and giggles,
Julie Draper

Helena Pion said...

Love your creativity and the movie :) Would be great to get one of your dolls! Keep it up, Carmen!

Boni said...

My grandaughter and I just love this ....I hope you make more :) hugs

TC aka Lady DragonRose said...

This is just too cute,, wish my server would of let me hear the sound,, but i so enjoyed seeing your work in action.. Thanks for sharing. TC aka Lady DragonRose

LLA Creations said...

love the show!

Lori Baker said...

Absolutely ADORABLE...oops, I mean...spooky... :)

Bob said...

LOL! Love it!!

Kat the hat lady! said...

Totally love it tee hee brought a huge smile to my face!