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Monday, February 7, 2011

Haunted Path Magazine feature w/ Dean Haglund x files!

Hey everyone I wanted to let you know that Spooky Hollow will be featured in a cool ghost magazine called Haunted Path! This issue also has a guest star, Dean Haglund from the X-files! How cool is that! Check out the link on how and when you can buy the issue.

 If you like you can buy a signed copy from me!

Spooky Hollow also has a place in the Haunted Path Lane Mercantile! Check out our little shop there and new items will be added soon!

 Don't forget that you still have until June 1st to enter to win a full size Grimmy art doll. Just leave a comment to enter. My newest Grimmy doll is pictured in this blog post! He is listed in my Spooky Hollow shop of Horrors!
You can find many monsters in my shop!

 I hope everyone is having a spooktacular day!
Carmen and Grimmy Ellis


Anonymous said...

Tons of good things happening for you. Congratulations!

MadViolet13 said...

Yippee!! Congrats, Carmen. Word of the coolness of Grimmy has gotten around fast. :)