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Monday, July 27, 2009

Ghost cat & Haunted Goodies Muahahahhaa!

Hi yall!
I finally have the pics that I promised you and few finally completed painting that I am listing today. I feel so behind on listing stuff. I have tons of necklaces & charm bracelets to list along with the new painting and ghost cat. I also have a few updated pics for you on the Haunted doll house. So this is like a mish mush of photos today!
Real quick though...remember that cute white puppy I showed you? Well hubby came home with a cute black puppy so I will also show you our new doggie...Beatle Baum. I HATE THE NAME my husband gave him so we will just call him Beatle Juice or B. B. hehe!
Here are the pics....!

My Handsome Hubby, son Jake and new puppy Beatle Juice...I mean B. B. lol


Nostrocuteness, HUMAN HUNTER!!!

Grimmy REAPER HUMAN HUNTER!!! <--with k2 meter even!

Best Clay charms I ever made lol!

Ghost Clay charm Necklace

Lampwork Bead Sir Boo A lot Necklace

Jerry the black cat and all around trouble maker!

New Painting finished, Haunted....Messy art desk!

Haunted Doll House pics.....

Can ya dig the owl door mat?? LOL

New Painting Haunted again..hehe....this is a large acrlic

hand made Coffin beads....sick huh?


Owl charm stuff! (fine art charm ooak owl painting )

My tiny guys! I put them beside the ghost weeble to show how tiny they are!

FINALLY DONE..this painting took about a yr lol..JK....6 months!

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Have a great day and PEACE OUT...heh!


Anonymous said...

Beatle Juice is adorable! ☺

Anonymous said...

Great stuff! Charms look wonderful!
Cute son, and yes, your hubby is handsome! (shh, he don't need to know it though!) You go girl!

Anonymous said...

Obviously you've never heard the showbiz advice "never work with kids or animals". The pup and cat are totally stealing your show! LOL!

Good looking hubby, but mine's cuter. Same with the kid, even if mine's 26 and has Transformer tattoos. hehehe!