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Friday, July 17, 2009

Meet Pooper the Toilet Monster & Smeadly the bed Time ghost!

Ok yall...the new guys are here!

First I would like you meet Smeadly the Bed time ghost. Smeadly comes with his blankey, teddy ghost and a candle stick to light his way at night. He likes tea parties, sleep overs with Pooper, helping out in the Kitchen and thunderstorms. Smeadly is afraid of the dark so you will never see him without a candle at night. In my Spooky Hollow ghost world Smeadly is just a little guy no older then 3. I forgot to take a pic of the back of smeadly...He has a pj bottom flap with buttons lol..

Now on to Pooper the Toilet monster. One day he just popped out of my toilet. Pooper is very friendly and has no offensive smells or odors but he does have a rather large bootay. Please don't tease him about it he is very self conscious! Pooper loves sleep overs with Smeadly, playing with rats and plays a mean piano.

You can find both Smeadly and Pooper for sale in my Etsy shop here or...

Wait a bit and they will be listed on my
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Each little guy is about 3 inches tall. Smeadly is clay and Pooper is paper mache and clay. Please note that Toilets, beds, pianos and such are not included. I was very lucky that both spooks allowed me to take photos of them in their home environment!
These photos are NEW & UNCENSORED!

I also wanted to show you a sneak peak at a painting I am working on with Smeadly the bed time ghost in it! I am not done and their might be a place in this painting for Pooper too not sure yet lol.

And way off topic I wanted to show you some cloud photos I took this morning. They looked like angels to me!

So have an amazing day!!
Your weird Halloween Folk artist,

Don't worry brighter pictures coming keep scrolling down!

Smeadly and Pooper having a sleep over. They were up all night!


Notice they have to have a light on! Chickens!

Smeadly at his house...Nice huh? As you can see he has been to Disney world!

LOOK AT THAT FACE!!!! It me!! Give me a good home...heh!

MEET POOPER!!! Don't worry he just showered!

I have no idea how this guy is but they keep comin out of the toilet! Scrubbing bubbles didn't even work!
For some reason Rats and mice just LOVE POOPER!

Like I said....Frankly Pooper has a big butt pun intended...Hence the name Pooper!

Yep Pooper on the toilet....AGAIN.....He eats LOTS of fiber! Carpet....wood and so on.

Smeadly trying to fit in at the Victorian Tea Party. Smeadly tries so hard to fit in and is thinking of getting a nose job.

POOPER Plays Piano at Parties......SAY THAT 3 times fast!

Smeadly telling butt jokes about Pooper...Not nice Smeadly!!! BAD GHOST!

Smeadly pitching in with the ironing. Wow he even attracts mice!

Smeadly is such a camera HAM!

SNEAK PEAK at Spooky Hollow's Newest painting starring.....THE ONE....THE ONLY....
Skelley isn't lookin so good though lol

Now who was it that said, " Oh your studio is so organized??? BAHAHAHHAHHAAHAHA!

These are the cloud pics I took this morning. Don't they look like angels???

Welp that is it for today folks! again have a great day and if you want to check out my home page daily for new goodies and stuff!

You can always see lots of pics at my flickr. I just went to flickr pro and love it!

Oh and I have one more bracelet left on my Spooky Time Jingles page here! Lowest price that I did just for STJ!

Oh and one more thing. July 25th I am going ghost hunting with my new friends from CG Trackers. We are going to investigate Octagon Hall and way cool Civil war museum In Kentucky.
They say it is haunted so if Anything cool happens I will be sure to post it here for you to see or hear!

Here is a cool page about the Museum! The video gives you a tour and talks about the hauntings!
Wish me luck lol!


for some reason while writing this my font went nuts lol


MarZel said...

OMG...did you make me giggle tonight!! Your new guys are great!!! and I love the painting. Boy, you sure got lucky with the photos of those clouds!!! I love the way you make me smile. Thank you.

Ali said...

OMG those are too funny! I love the ghost.


Whimsyfolkartist said...

Marzel and Ali you guys always make me smile. Thank you so much for the nice words!!!!!

Julie said...

Ahh! I love your blog! Not only are you a beautiful artist but quite the storyteller...I love the pics of Smeadly and Pooper tucked in bed!