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Monday, July 13, 2009

Look at the New Halloween Beads & Charms Sweet!

As promised here are some pics of the New Halloween Beads I got in to use on my Charm Bracelets. I personally am in love with the Black owls and the Crazy Dancin Ghost! I have also included pictures of some charms that are not quite completed yet. The clay charms need tiny Halloween charms added to the jump rings and the Pendants in settings need final cleaning up and sealing. If you are interested in a custom charm bracelet you can go to my home page and click the web store link. There I have a listing for a custom bracelet where I let YOU choose the Charms, settings, characters and so on. I also have way more Lampwork owl pendant beads coming. I always sell out on those! So please enjoy the pics and this beautiful day! OH..psst, I am also working on a new painting and when Done I will post it..this one should make you giggle!

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MarZel said...

OMG!!! Those beads are so wonderful and fun!! But your pendants are very special!!! You're jewelery makes me smile!!! OHHh Cant you please do the DAG Blog Treasure is not too late!!! HUGS

Whimsyfolkartist said...

Marzel I have a doc appointment but when I get back can you show me where to go and what to do??? I just love you lol!

Ali said...

Owls! My favourite bird. I love them in their bead form. Your jewellery is wonderful.


Whimsyfolkartist said...

Ali thank you you always have something sweet to say! I loved those owls so much I got way more then I need and made earrings and a pendant out of them lol! I might sell the earrings in my shop.