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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Block Head Grimmy & Morton the Pumpkin Elf!

I wish I could wait until I get this doll listed tomorrow ( Sunday ) But I get so excited to show my new pieces I just can't wait!

Before you meet Morton let me tell you about my week so far. First off I was outside near the woods and was looking at this huge hole. I was thinking to myself..self...if someone fell in there they could really get hurt! While walking away from the huge hole and still glaring at it I stuck my foot into a smaller hole. A mole hole I think and...broke my foot. Why couldn't I be doing something glamerous when I broke it like sky diving, bungee jumping or even playing tennis. I do none of these btw hehe.

I have a terrible fear of highs and balls hitting me at high speeds. So now I am hobbling around trying to get a garden planted.

I still have moments where I get a sneak attack crying fit because I miss my cat Salem but other then that things are just peachy!

We finally caught the kitchen mouse but is another story.

I was up early probably about 5 :30 am. With my eyes hardly open I was groping around for coffee. I opened one of the bottom cubbard doors and something pops out at me and hits me in the leg. Yes It was Said "Mouse." It was flopping around in the live trap. I nearly had a heart attack.

So I broke my foot, was attacked by a mouse and was pooped on by one of the stray kittens.

I feel like Ziggy.

That all said here are some photos of items I am listing tomorrow in my Ebay store.

I listed new goodies in Etsy but most of my buyers are Ebay folks and Etsy is soooo slow for me.

Why did I tell you that? No clue lol!

Here are the new art goodies!

Meet Morton The Pumpkin Elf. What is a pumpkin Elf? I don't know lol! ERM I mean...

A pumpkin Elf grows, cares for and guards all of the Spooky Hollow Pumpkins. Every now and then Grimmy gets hungry for Pumpkin pie and steals a few but in the world of SPooky Hollow the pumpkins are alive, talk and are not fond of being turned into pie. They needed an elf to watch over them. If the elf sees Grimmy or one of the other Spooky Hollow regulars try to steal or take a bite out of one he has the ability to turn Grimmy into a block head. As you can see Grimmy and one of his friends are now block heads proving the ability of Morton the Pumpkin Elf. Grimmy and his friend must have been bad!

Morton is about 14 inches high and OOAK. No molds are used in the making of any Spooky Hollow pieces!
This is Grimmy the block head. He is a pumpkin biter!

OH now we are onto the new Chenille ornaments. Every orny you see pictured will be part of an big orny lot auction in my Ebay store!
I did all the illustrations for all of my chenille ornaments
Little Red Riding hood and the BIg bad wolf!
2 sets of the 2 little pigs
Even Grimmy Hatter is in this big old lot!
Make sure you go to my ebay store tomorrow ( Sunday ) April 25th to bid on anything in todays blog post! The link to my store is to the right of this blog!

OK I'm off and hopefully this will be a much calmer and better week!
God Bless!
Carmen Ellis

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