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Monday, April 5, 2010

Gobs of OOAK Halloween Goodies!

( the 2 pieces above are not my work! Just want to make that clear. One is a vintage Pumpkin I bought and the other is art From Johanna Parker! These are my new faves to my Halloween art collection! )

Over the past few weeks I have been working in over drive so I will have plenty of OOAK art goodies to fill my shops with this Halloween season. I have new grimmy sculpts, Halloween Lolli pops made of paper mache, paper clay art dolls, Oh so spooky Pumpkin men on a stick hehe....Vintage halloween type ornies, Original Halloween postcard Illustrations and lots more! I will start filling my shops with these goodies this week! So here are some pics of just a few of the new goodies you will find and also some sweet pics of my sons 8th birthday and his one of his presents, a black cat sitter from Johanna Parker! My son likes to do whatever I do and now my love for holiday art has spilled onto him. So proud lol! I am also going to have another contest and the prize will be a 3 piece set of paper mache Halloween lolli pops as pictured below! I will announce how to win these cuties right here this week! I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter! God bless!
Carmen Ellis

The original illustration will be for sale this Halloween season. I am selling a limited amount of prints in my Ebay store.

My old barn wood box turned shelf full of treasures from some of m y fave artists and some of my new pieces!
I just love this eyeball picture lol! I am having lots of fun using these in clay pieces!

See the rusty springs I pick in the woods do come in handy lol! the black cat is a nodder on a rusty spring and he is a large piece that wobbles.

This is a cornish Litany OOAK illustrated Postcard I did for a buyer. It will be in her book!

this is a sneak peek of Pumpkin man!

My son Jake and his Johanna Parker Cat sitter and bootsie the cat

I won this old Jack O lantern and just adore it!!!!

Until tomorrow with Contest details!

1 comment:

Johanna Parker said...

LOTSA FUN festive pics Carmen! Thanks for sharing, and again, I am so pleased to see that Jake loves his new JPD Halloween black cat sitter! Too cute :) Makes me smile too.....

~ Johanna