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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Holiday buckets & Zach Bagins flexes his muscles!

stupid blog jabber after the photos!

Pregnant Grimmy??

As promised here are the finished pumpkins and Snowmen! It is kind of funny how I got all these done today. This morning I looked at my clock and it said 6 am. So I decided to get up before everyone else did so I had some alone time with my coffee cup. I walked downstairs, made my coffee and turned on Fright Fest on AMC. I then turned on my pc to check my email. I looked at the computer clock and gasped. 4 am! I got up at 4 am! NOOOOOO! When I checked my bedroom clock the time was correct so basically I need to wear my glasses to bed lol. I could have had 2 more precious hours of sleep! Now my day is all out of whack because I am a creature of habit plus I'm tired! Last night I stayed up late watching the ghost adventure team yell at ghosts and call them stupid! ( not sure if that method of ghost hunting is smart! ) I would be like...hey ghosts...please don't hurt me! One day soon i will catch folks up on my ghost story. What I will say now is I was on the fence about ghosts until this year. I am a total no doubt believer. Anywho I got off the subject. AGAIN! I have the attention span of a flea.

Ok...My little buckets are finished. 3 snowmen and 2 pumpkins. I also made a very different looking Grimmy just because. It started out as a ghost and I messed up so this is a weird tall Grimmy with a very fat stomach. Either that or he is going to have a baby Grimmy. Hey I don't know how 3 inch grim reapers reproduce!

Again I am off track!!

My pumpkins are about 4 inches high and 3 inches wide and will be in my Ebay and Etsy shops. I am going to get some listed right after this blog.

So watch my shops or the best way to find out new listings is following me on facebook because I am a facebook addict!

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Ok I really have to go because Zack from Ghost adventures just flexed his muscles!

Have a great night

Carmen and Grimmy Ellis

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