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Monday, October 25, 2010

Why won't my dog go into the basement????

Spooked out alert! Today since the weather is so nice I decided it would be a good day to tackle cleaning the basement. If you are like me the basement is the very last room to be cleaned. Especially since my basement is right out of the movie a Haunting in Connecticut! No kidding a friend sent me the movie just to show me how much it looked like the basement in this famous haunted house! It even has those really large sinks in one room. This is a farm so maybe they were for something farm related but I have no idea what this house was used for about 50 years ago. The last owners were here for about 50 years. The house was moved from the city to the country and the basement belonged to a house that burned down....all I know..

I went down with mop, cleaner and bucket and of course turned the little basement TV on. ( Yes there is a TV in the basement hehe ) After burning my eyes out with bleach vapors I realized that my dog Scooby wasn't by my side. She is always at least 3 feet away from me or closer because she needs dog prosaic. I looked around and heard her crying. I went to the stairs and there she was looking down at me crying with the hair up on her back. She never does that! If you scroll down on the blog somewhere you will find my true ghost story about this house. About a month ago the spooky events in my home got so bad I had 2 ghost hunter friends help me out and tell me what to do. I did everything they asked and ever since no unexplainable events thank God. But today when I came downstairs this morning my kitchen cabinets were open again. They haven't done that in over a month. Then my dog who follows me everywhere was crying and freaked out at the top of the stairs. Needless to day I finished cleaning in lightning speed.

When we first moved in the dogs would not go into the basement period. Not even if we offered them a treat. Later after I ran around the house with a smudge stick yelling get out lol....they had no problem going into the basement. If this ghost thing is coming back I am MAKING my ghost hunter pal come help me.

Hopefully my dog didn't like the smell of bleach lol.

I will fill you in on the final spooky straw that made me run to my ghost hunter friends. You can choose to believe it or choose to think I'm nuts. I'm ok with either one lol.

At the time this last event happened I had very scary things happening that I have already blogged about but a fast description is...knocks on my bedroom door and coming from inside the closet, My hair pulled, a scratch on my closet door and then it opened. ( that one made me run downstairs faster then the roadrunner...BEEP BEEP..
Cabinets opening randomly, bangs from the basement, a mans voice coming from one of the down stairs bathrooms...
But the night I couldn't take anymore I was sound asleep in my bed. I woke up to scratching right by my head. It sounded like 2 cats scratching on a scratching post. The only problem was there was not a cat in the room. I even saw my dog sniffing at the corner of the bed the scratching was coming from. I ran downstairs and slept on the couch after I calmed down. There was NO explanation for the scratching. animals. We even checked the bedroom closet out for places where a larger animal could get through. Not a single hole. If you look at my mattress 3 corners are fine and the corner that was by my head and had the scratching noise is all tore up! THIS IS TRUE!!!!!!!

The next day my friends told me what to do to get rid of it and so far it has been bliss. Today didn't feel that blissful but then again since everything that happened I am really jumpy. I jump when the toast pops up! LOL

So...wish me luck that my dog didn't sense something in the basement! I am probably being paraniod due to the bleach fumes and dust mites that flew up my nose!


Carmen and Grimmy Ellis...over and out!


One Prim Girl said...

I have the same problem with my little dog, she wont go down the one set of steps EVER and if we carry her down she is trembling. We have 2 sets of stairs on each side of the house, one is the nice grand stairs and the other set goes into the kitchen, those are the ones she wont go down. I had a friend come over and tell me she felt something but other than the dog I haven't seen, heard or felt anything.

Ken said...

Sounds like yoru boo is back. I would think it was the bleach smell if you hadnt said that your dog's hair was all bristled up on her back. Might want to re-smudge the place and concentrate on the area where the weird things are happening.

Flora said...

Hey better you than me, Damn if the hairs on my body aren't standing straight up and now I'm feeling a cold chill...I remember seeing the "real" documentary or such about the Haunting in Connecticut quite a few years back, stupid me I stayed up and saw it all by my lonesome!!! Well let me tell you I WILL NEVER DO A TRUELIFE SCAREY DOC again!!! I was scared like I had never been in my entire life, I wanted to melt into my dh I was so scared...
I know you can't just up and move but I'd have put that house up for sale long ago...I'm hoping that it was just the fumes...?
Blessings, Flora

Tamara Dozier said...

We've been having activity in my house as well. A long time friend of my mother's recently passed away. I really liked this woman so I told her that she could visit whenever she wanted,(yes, I do speak to those on the other side). Early the next morning I heard footsteps coming towards our bedroom and then the floor around our bed started creaking. I opened my eyes to see if I could see anyone or anything but I saw nothing and the footsteps stopped. When I told Hubbahubby about it he said he didn't care as long as whoever it was didn't wake him up that early ... lol

Whimsyfolkartist said...

Tamara men are like that lol! I used to talk to our ghost when I was iffy about it being a ghost...DUMB! When you talk to it it is like saying hey it is ok to be here! I wouldnt have minded but it or whatever started to play dirty. Now I'm ghosts in the house ever. That was the scariest experience of my life. I dont want to go through it again! Whatever it was wanted to scare me and did.