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Sunday, August 8, 2010

And the winners are...also win Vincent!

And the winners are!!! Drum roll please....
1st Place goes to....Jeniex ( the user name on my spooky web site )
2nd Place goes to......Karen McVitty and
3rd place goes to.....
Just for fun I added a 4th and 5th place...these winners will get little prints.

4th is.......Susan Pastor and
5th goes to... Prim Rags!

Please please email me and let me know you home addresses!

I wanted you to know that my contests are taken seriously. The names picked were done by making a print out of my members user names and actually picking them from a hat lol. ( my son did the picking! )

This months contest will be for this item!

He is my little Spooky Hollow Version of Vincent!

To enter to win him all you have to do is Follow Grimmy Reaper on Facebook!
Easy peasy!
Just go here and click like or follow!

Grimmy Reaper

Promote Your Page Too

It says no recent updates but Grimmy posts all the time! If you already follow him just post right here on the blog to enter!

I wanted to take time out and show you lots of new items and some news about Spooky Hollow but this is going to have to wait a little bit. My family was ill last week...all but me..The germs found me last night.
So as soon as I can chase them off of me I have more surprises and fun things to tell you about and post!

( One thing is about one of my Ghost Hunter friends... a spooky surprise!)

Another one I will quickly tell you about is that I will have special edition Halloween t shirts available very soon. I am almost done designing them. You will also be able to get a Spooky Hollow teddy bear wearing a Spooky Hollow t shirt lol.

The Grimmy Christmas cards are here and I do need to list them for you! If you would like a set before I get them listed just email me! I have a very limited amount right now.

The original card will be forsale around Halloween time!

So do watch for my blog posts or if you are a member of my website
Spooky you get all the announcements first!

This week my website members get 15 percent off any item in my Etsy or Ebay shop. You just need to email me before purchasing!
or find me on yahoo

Both shops can be found on the right side of this blog or if you are reading this from my members email just click on the home page link!

If you would like to join my website to get all the news and fun goodies first just go to my home page and at the top right click register or whatever it says lol! It might say members.... You can even join using your facebook ID.

My weekly Ebay auction will be posted for you tomorrow...the germs won't let me do it today! ( My germs wear tennis shoes and have little antennas! ...

Here are a few pics of new items that will be for sale very soon. If you see something you like that is not in my shops just
email me!

Grimmy Haunted House more info below!

Grimmy Haunted house. Only 3 inches wide and lights up using a tea light! It is so much cuter in person!

Sir Boo A lots Boo Car! It really roles is made mostly of paper clay and paper mache and the mouse is the steering wheel! he is not happy about that at all!

My problem is my Spooky Hollow creations won't stop messing with it!!

Have a wonderful Sunday, congrats to my winners
And God bless!
Carmen Ellis

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Anonymous said...

Stopping by to say hello! Congrats to the winners too :)