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Friday, August 13, 2010

The Did the Monster Mash!

Friday the 13th special Halloween edition painting!

franken grimmy 002

Hey everyone! I wanted to show you my newest painting Called the Monster mash..It's a graveyard small you know! This painting stars Grimmy as Igor or eyegor if you watched young frankenstein! if you would like to know more about it please visit my Etsy shop because right now I have 2 dogs who really have to go to the bathroom lol!

Look for another letter from me this weekend with lots of new goodies and a reminder about the new contest! Until then happy Friday the 13th and watch out for black cats and Ladders!!

Your weird folk artist

Carmen Ellis

Monstermash painting 018

He is my little Spooky Hollow Version of Vincent!


real quick before my dog's blatter breaks,

You so have to go to my Cafe Press


I got a Spooky Hollow tshirt today and I honestly have to tell you they are top quality! The t is thick and the graphic is totally professional!

I will be adding Monster Mash with igor grimmy on the back later tonight!

Cafe Press spooky Hollow shop click here

If there is a special print that you love in my Etsy or Ebay shop I can make you a custom shirt or hat, teddy bear you name it!

Bye again lol!

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