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Friday, May 22, 2009

Creepy Antique Tin Photos & a few Haunted Doll House new minis!

A ghost hunting friend of mine wanted to see the antique tin photos that I found last year while thrifting so I took some pics to share with him and you guys. They are all tin and very creepy. They were a part of 2 seperate albums. There are 2 photos of 2 boys. To me they look like twins but the one boy seems like he was born with a birth defect. If you look closely at the Victrorian women you can see the detail in their dresses, hair and jewelry. One photo ..a close up of a woman sitting I am trying to figure out. At the bottom you can see a hand. The only thing I can think of is it is a reflection of my hand but how? I wasn't holding the photo and I took the photo from a bit of a distance and used the lens to focus in. A mystery lol! These are the tin photos that almost always give me a bad camera pic and I have used some of them for my haunted doll house. 
These are also the tin photo albums where we found the picture of a baby that we are sure is not alive. This photo upset me so much my husband hid it out in the garage somewhere. I have found a ghost hunting friend who wants it thought so I finally have a respectable place for it. 

I also posted a few pics of the Haunted Doll house. I added some new minis that are pictured, wallpaper on part of the Attic wall, some art that I made for the house and I also made a new darker ouijia board with a tiny planchet. 

I added a new picture light. It is in the livingroom above the fireplace. It looks so real lol!
You will also find a tiny mouse and mouse trap in the kitchen.

I have some AMAZING minis on the way for this house and some antiques for it that I want to save as a surprise when it is all finished! 


Oh I also added some pics of some ouija boards I made to sell, an ouijia board scrabble tile pendant for sale and a cute ghosty witchy cabinet I am going to sell.

Have fun browsing the photos!! I will post more as I do more to the Haunted Doll House!

Btw I didnt mean to water mark these pics...OOPSIE! Sorry about that!

This is a picture of a little paper tiny doll house for the attic of the Haunted Doll house.

These are some scrabble tile charms I am selling. The last pumpkin one can be a charm or a doll house picture I have not made up my mind yet lol!

A little bit of Ouijia board variety lol!

My witchy cabinet that I am selling. I used tiny goblets, a glass ghost sir boo a lot that a glass lady made for me. I made the clay little ghost. He glows in the dark. The tiny bottles came with my Bratz doll witch lol! 
Every Haunted House Needs A Haunted MOUSE!

I thought A witchy poster in the attic would look cool. I am also adding old beams and material that hangs from the ceiling.

Ouijia board for sale in Etsy hopefully tomorrow. 

Tiny Tarot cards I printed and glazed

These are so FREAKIN CUTE LOL!

Tiny Fairy book that goes in the Haunted Doll house

Tiny Rubey red slippers for the attic!

New photo in the livingroom

New wallpapter and photo in the attic

I love the picture light! It looks so real and I wish you could see the warm glow it gives at night!

These guys will be in the haunted yard that will go with the Haunted Doll House lol!

In the left corner is a tiny witches Mask!

I took a pic with my mini clay guys I made just to show folks how tiny they are. They are about the size of a finger tip!

The pic above is the one with the hand...How the heck did I do that ?? LOL

This one really creeps me out!!! The photo above!

If you click on the photos you can see them larger!

I'll be back with BIG Haunted Doll House updates!


Anonymous said...

Your attention to detail is amazing.


Codys Keepsakes said...

I love all the pics and yes tintypes are always freaky, mainly because they didnt smile back then. I collect old pics and have some(mostly children) that are deceased in the pic. Which are very rare so hang on to that baby. Love your work and the dollhouse is amazing.

Skellyton Art said...

Just Popped over to say Hi!

I love your Haunted dolly house! It is amazing! How fun!!!

Whimsyfolkartist said...

Thank you so much for your comments! I got more amazing minis to put in over the weekend and can't wait to show pics of them! Also Kathren..a friend of mine told me to be very careful with the old tin photos because they could have arsenic on them!! So you becareful too! I really can't handle the one of the baby and am sending it to my friend. I lost a baby a long time ago and just can't keep that one.