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Friday, May 8, 2009

Help Paranormal Researchers Continue to Investigate the Queen Mary!

I am trying to do what little I can to help some friends continue to do Paranormal Research on the Queen Mary. From what I understand the Queen Mary has new Management and this new management wants to totally re-do the Queen Mary and take her back out to sea as a cruise ship. What is wrong with that? There are some wonderful and HONEST Paranormal researchers who have made amazing progress catching REAL paranormal Hard Core Evidence. This new management does not want them to continue their research. When Peter James was still alive he made amazing contact with the spirit of a little girl in the pool area of the Queen Mary. He not only caught evps but you can hear the little girl speaking back to him out loud!You can even hear her say mommy.... This was many years ago. No other Paranormal investigator has ever captured this same evidence until now. My friend BOB from Planet Paranormal had an amazing thing happen to him in the same pool area of the Queen Mary. He also made contact with the little girl in the pool area. He has captured this contact on tape. Not since Peter James has anyone been able to converse with this little girl spirit in this manner. Bob has the little girls voice clear as day on tape. This was also heard out loud and not as an EVP! So far this little girl has only spoke like this to Peter James and Now Bob Ghost Owl from Planet Paranormal. Bob's amazing new evidence of this little girls conversation could be the HOLY GRAIL OF PARANORMAL RESEARCH! He has asked anyone in the field to Study his recording and match it to Peter James Recording. He knows and many others know that this is the Exact same little girl and voice you hear in Peter James recording. Think about... The same voice, the same little girl some 20 yrs later!! They are on the verge of a paranormal break through and the ships new management doesn't want them investigating any longer. The Queen Mary's past management knew that by making all the hauntings public they could make a lot of money. So, the investigations are financially very good for the Queen Mary. The Queen Mary is a piece of history. She had her run now let her rest. The new managements policies of keeping the paranormal investigators off the ship are hurting my friends. Bob made a real connection with that little girl. He has the Holy Grail of evidence to prove it and his heart hurts because he now has a close bond to this little girls spirit and he can't try to make contact with her again. I am beyond angry at the Queen Mary's new management. If you feel the way I do and MANY others do... Please add Leave the Queen Mary Alone to your friends list and go sign that petition..

You can hear the tapes of Peter James and Bob comunicating with this little girls spirit by clicking the link below


Georgina said...

For shame on the new management. That ship should stay put in CA. My grandparents traveled on the Queen Mary to Europe many yeas ago in the early 50's. I still remember seeing the pics of them in their evening wear up against some beautiful beveled glass doors. I don't think they haunt the Queen Mary, though, they've been busy around here!! LOL

Sarah said...

I agree - let her rest. Your gonna laugh - I went to HS in LA - my prom was on that wonderful old gal!! Such an amazing ship!! Thank you for sharing this hon. Sarah

Bob Davis said...

Thanks Karmen you brought tears to my eyes at you wonderful post here on your site. My heart does ache and I really do feel this is the holy grail of the paranormal. Thanks for your efforts to help us. Anyone who reads this please contact the ship and let them know you want to protect the ship and you wish for me to continue my work with little Jackie.

Bob Davis

Carmen said...

Bob I know you hurt over this and it hurts me to see a special friend down. I hope this helps the cause even if just a little bit.
What they are doing is wrong and still feel somehow this will all work out. Sarah and Georgina thank you so much for your posts. Tell your friends about this ok?
HUGGING BOB AND my other friends!

Anonymous said...

Like Bob I can't believe the new mgmt. is pushing the paranormal away from the ship. I was with Bob the night we caught the audio and have been with him other time he has made contact with Jackie. He has a conection with her that noone besides Peter has had. It would be a shame not to allow that to grow. I think Jacki needs it as much as Bob. Just as an fyi its not mgmt. but another group who want to refloat her.

Historian Plantet paranormal Invs.