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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Just in New Queen Mary EVPS! Spirit Voices

Please go to this myspace link. I hope it works for you! The evps are just awesome. You may want to wear head phones. This blog is ran by a wonderful man named Gian Temperilli who is( Peter James, now deceased) Co- author. He is keeping the wonderful work of Peter James Alive by his writing and keeping the myspace going. Click the link below to hear his amazing evps he captured. Btw...None of this is fake ghost stuff. After seeing some of the famous Ghost Hunters on tv possibly fake evidence I just wanted you to know I believe this is the real thing.

I do hope it works for you. More evidence and reasons why we need to let the new managment of the Queen Mary know that she needs to be left alone!

I also noticed that they TOOK down the Queen Mary Ghost Cams...urg

If you want to help paranormal researchers save the Queen Mary's history 
Please scroll down......

 ( See blog post right under todays mothers day post -doll house stuff!

Also Do scroll down and meet my new friend, Her Raccoon and my huge doll house that I am too old to be playing with!

Thanks for your time!
Carmen aka Spooky Hollow


Sarah said...

Hi hon... I tagged you for a really cool project - if your interested pop by my blog hon. Hope all is well with you - hugs, Sarah

Sherry Byrum said...

I tagged you on my blog. When you have a few minutes go to my blog and check it out!!!