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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mom's Day & My new Doll house & Racoons lol

Happy Mother's day everyone! Because I will never grow up I got this amazing doll house for Mother's day! I have always wanted one and since I am making a haunted doll house to sell my interest in doll houses has really grown.
I was so lucky to find the nice woman who sold it to us. She is so nice and like me she just loves animals. When we got to her home to pick up this HUGE..<---seriously huge ) Doll house she was waiting for us in her garage holding the biggest Raccoon I ever saw! 
Her and her husband rescued to baby raccons and now they have a wonderful home with them.
She also had the cutest birds you ever saw. So not only did I get a very awesome doll house to work on I made a new friend. 
How weird is this? SHe has a shop locally and I am going to gather together some of my items to sell in it!
I always have believed that everything does happen for a reason and I really like this new friend.

So on to the pics of Vicci and Bitsy the Raccoon and my new Project the worlds largest doll house lol!


btw...I will be playing with my doll house all day! HEHE
Oh and now I will be searching for cool mini's for it so if any of you have minis and want to do a trade of some kind let me know ok?
Just email me or post here!
My email is


Debb said...

I love the doll house always wanted one like that too.There a shop down here that sells minis at a good price if there anything you want let me know .And I look and see what the price is for you.Can't wait to see what you do with it.

Whimsyfolkartist said...

Deb thank you! COOL! Hey would you paint this on the outside?? The wood is so nice I am not sure what to do? I am new at all of this,,,the lights, wallpaper ahhhh!

Sarah said...

OMG I'm so green!!It is amazing! I wantttttt......
I wanted to pop by and say Happy Mother's day to you!! Huge hugs, Sarah

Whimsyfolkartist said...

Sarah lol thank you! Do you think I should paint the outside???? I cant seem to find another house like this one online anywhere!!!!
I need carpet, gothic wallpaper lol! I paint the outside?? If so what color??

Susan said...

Carmen, it is lovely the way it is but if YOU want to make ait a new color then by all means do! Something like that is a very personal choice.

Georgina said...


I love the little house. I've always wanted one, but never got it. My sister had one...a metal one with plastic furniture...very 50's! Maybe one day I'll make a little crazy one. Hey, stop by my blog, you've been tagged.

Carla said...

That's great about the new sales outlet. Much more fun to leave the admin to someone else and just create! LOL

The doll house is wonderful. I hope to have one similar to it one day, but I want to build it myself. For carpet, sometimes you can get the old store samples when they get new ones. Same for wallpaper, when a place like Sherwin-Williams gets in new sample books. Don't forget to ask on Freecycle if anyone has any partial rolls of wallpaper left over or odd sections of carpet.

As you can tell, I've been collecting ideas for a long time! LOL Have fun with it... cg